Discussion 9&10 Canfield.

Date: 2-15-17
Allison Gatyas
Class: IDS-H. Audubon                          Instructors: Professor Lemeh and Dr. Moore
Blog Entry: #7
Word Count:  345                                      Pod or Vod-cast: No
Reading assignment: Yes – Chpts.  9&10

Chapter 9: James Reveal writes about his personal experience with field notes dating all the way back to 1958. He reminisces on the decades he used his manually written field notes and elaborates on how he transitioned to the technological way of note keeping. Most of his field notes are now kept in files on the computer and he uses GPS and other devices to get accurate readings of location and other features of the area where specimens are found. He says that it helps with spelling and misidentifications of specimens because of the vast knowledge of the internet. Sadly, Reveal notes, this manner of field study lacks personal luster. It was not handwritten or includes any personal notes of feelings about the day or the specimen. His account was very impersonal and I feel like his original field notes were not as personal as he likes to remember. But all in all, he has helped others, like myself, learn to utilize technology to the fullest extent but to not forget about the original handwritten accounts of field note taking.

Chapter 10: Piotr Naskrecki writes about his extensive database which he created himself. This database is available to anyone who wants to view it, which is pretty generous because science and information should be shared and not sold for profit as long as someone could learn from another’s work. Naskrecki makes sure to backup all of his data in case our wonderful feat of technology crashes and fails. He backs them up on hard drives and jump drives to ensure their safety and to be able to view them where ever he goes, whether it be in the field in some far off jungle or in a friend’s home to show off a strange species. This database would be a perfect way to identify species quickly in our class, but personally, I would prefer keeping a notebook that I can write and doodle in.


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